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90-minute Relaxation Massage with one of the following: I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

  • Back Scrub
  • Feet Treat
  • Facial
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massage & back scrub
massage & feet treat
massage & facial


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Jobonga membership entitles you to at least 25% discount on all Jobonga services. Premium members can also purchase gift cards at discounted prices anytime. We know that our membership program is far superior in value considering the quality of service we provide and we are willing to let you try it free for a week. Call us at 469-467-8480 and book your appointment and start your free week membership today.


After payment confirmation "click" Return to Jobonga Massage & Natural Therapies to fill out delivery form if payment is for a gift card or certificate. I offer online scheduling using BookFresh  


Massage & facial

relaxing facialUnwind with a relaxation massage followed by a fabulous facial. Feel your body revive and your skin become refreshed and more refined. We begin with a relaxation massage designed to relax and heal your body. This full body massage will rejuvenate and energize you. The massage is then followed by a soothing facial that is designed to unclench the tightness around our face and neck.


Relaxation massage with back body scrub

woman getting massageA combination of relaxation and deep tissue massage designed to relax and heal your body. The treatment starts with a hot compress and a back body scrub. The body scrub exfoliates hard to reach dead skin and stimulate blood circulation, thus providing a fertile environment for muscle healing and regeneration.


Relaxation massage with feet treat

Starts with a warm footbath and scrub that will stimulate and relax any tired/achy feet. This treatment heals and balances internal organs using Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Chinese foot massage techniques. A deeply relaxing jobonga original.

Add Aromatherapy to your session and experience the healing properties of essential oils.


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