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Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

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pregnant womanBenefits of Pregnancy Massage

Modern investigation and research has proved that prenatal or pregnancy massage therapy can be very instrumental in a mother’s pregnancy care and should be taken into consideration. During the later months of pregnancy the growing uterus inhibits lymph drainage from the legs. Regular massage helps stimulate the lymph system preventing the build up of wastes and lymph fluid from occurring.Prenatal massage therapy helps with hormone regulation, reduction of swelling, reduction of low back pain, decreases stress and anxiety, improves circulation, improves quality of sleep, decreases nerve pain, relieves joint and muscle discomfort and improves oxygenation of soft tissue. It also helps in having a better delivery and improves maternal health overall.



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Pregnancy Massage

What can I expect during a prenatal massage at Jobonga Massage?

There may be some medical questions the therapist will ask before the massage, it is important to answer them as accurately as possible since this will help ensure you get the best experience, to know if your doctor has given you any special instructions or contraindications to a specific treatment.


Most massage therapist will place you sidelying, since it is the most comfortable position, with pillows to support your neck
and between your legs to keep your hip from misaligning. Pressure is generally light for your comfort but there is no contraindication for deep tissue massage if that’s what you prefer, whole body massage can be performed safely to include feet. Communicate with your therapist of any discomforts you may be experiencing and areas of concern; a therapist trained in prenatal massage knows what areas not to stimulate during the massage.


Although massage can be enjoyed at any stage of the pregnancy, generally pregnancy massage is not given during the first trimester because statistically the risk of miscarriage is higher at that stage and most therapist want to avoid liability, however, if the therapist feels comfortable and with the proper liability waiver it should not be a problem and pregnancy massage can be performed during the second and third trimesters with no problem unless otherwise indicated by your physician.


What are the contraindications for pregnancy massage?

Some contraindications for massage during pregnancy would be risk of pre-term labor, history of miscarriages and preeclampsia.



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