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Massage is not a luxury. Experience all the benefits it can bring you.

Studies have shown that  frequent treatments of massage therapy could reverse the damage of chronic muscle tension caused by stress, work and lack of sleep.

Massage therapy works by increasing the body’s circulation, by clearing out toxins of stress hormones and other cellular debris, and replacing it with fresh blood and oxygen – the nutrients your body needs to repair itself.

The basic philosophy of natural therapies and massage, encompasses the concept of vis medicatrix naturae — that is, aiding the ability of the body to heal itself – and is aimed at achieving or increasing health and well-being. Let your body heal itself with the help of our highly skilled massage therapists.

Woman massage therapy session
                        CBD Now
Try our therapeutic CBD infused
massage. CBD helps calm inflammation that causes pain. 
Benefits of CBD include relief from nerve inflammation, muscle pain & joint pain, alleviate stress, reduces anxiety, improves blood pressure, aid in muscle recovery and so much more.

Jobonga Massage & Natural  Therapies   ME1915

2105 W Spring Creek Pkwy, Suite 300

Plano, TX 75023  (same corner as CVS)

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