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Terms of Service


Our massage therapy sessions:
All our session times include a 5 minute therapist consultation and time to undress and 5 minutes at the end for you to re-dress. Each session will be 10 minutes less than the specified time booked eg. a 90-minute massage is 80 minutes actual hands on.


Cancellation and rescheduling:

We view cancellation and rescheduling as the same. When you book an appointment, we reserve that allotted time exclusively for you and cannot book anyone else. In fairness to our massage therapists and other customers, we require at least 24 hour notice on all weekday appointment changes whether it's a cancellation or reschedule. We require 48 hours notice for weekend appointment changes. We require 3 days notice for group bookings of 2 or more people. Any cancellation or rescheduling without the required notice will be charged the full amount so please give us ample notice for any changes.

Massage therapist substitution:
Jobonga reserves the right to make therapist substitutions without notice to client. Only Premier members will be informed of any therapist substitution.


Bookings and reservations:
We reserve the right to charge payment in advance for all bookings.


Substitutions of service:
A service can be substituted for another only if we have a qualified therapist available at the appointed time. Please give us plenty of notice if you are substituting one service for another. Gift certificates can be transferred between clients. Please notify us of any changes.

Jobonga Liability Waiver Text
I am aware that draping will be used during the massage session. I understand that it is not within the scope of the massage session for the Therapist to engage in breast massage of female clients. I understand that my feed back is an essential part of my treatment, therefore if at any time I should become uncomfortable during the massage, I will bring it to my Therapist's attention and request that the session end.
I have read and I fully understand this form in its entirety. If at any time there are changes in the information given or in my condition, I will notify my Therapist and update this form before receiving additional massages. The massage treatment given here is for the sole purpose of stress reduction, relief from muscle tension or spasm and to increase circulation and energy flow.

I understand that neither the Jobonga nor the Massage Therapist are engaged in the rendering of medical advice or services, and that the statements of Jobonga employees and or Massage Therapist therefore should not be relied upon for medical diagnosis or treatment, or as a substitute for professional medical advice.
I agree to receive massage therapy services at my own risk, and also agree that I have no medical condition which would cause my health to be negatively affected by receiving massage therapy services. I understand the Massage Therapists are independent contractors and not employees of Jobonga Massage & Natural Therapies, and I agree to release the Company of any and all liability for any injuries, claims or damages arising out of any services which I receive from the Company's Massage Therapists.

Membership payment:
By agreeing to our recurring authorization payment form, you authorize Jobonga LLC to automatically charge your credit card for future membership fees. A recurring online payment form is supplied by Paypal. The credit card details are retained for ongoing recurring payments which you have previously approved for the length of the payment schedule. You may cancel this automatic billing authorization by providing Jobonga LLC at least 30-days notice in writing. In case of early termination of membership, you will be required to pay the balance of your membership fee to the end of the term.

Please contact us at if you have any concerns about how we use your personal details.

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