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 Use it or Lose it

Now is a great time to review your Flexible Savings Account (FSA) for health care. Generally, your employer gets to keep any unused funds that you paid into at the end of the year. Massage is one of the health services you can spend it on.

Our Discount Packs are good for a year, so any unused massages can be used next year. You save big on massages when you purchase a pack. The more massages you get, the bigger the savings. Plus, this week only, we are giving you $30 off packs of 3&5.

Paypal is not equipped to take health plan purchases so please call us at (469)467-8480 for any Flexi card purchase.



Better yet, subscribe to monthly one hour massage for only $39.99 or 90-min for $65. Prices are guaranteed for a year from start of subscription only. 

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